What was covered in the news this week? Did the issues you care about get the attention you think they deserved? Did the media talk about these topics in the way you want them to? Who set the narrative for the current breaking story?

MediaMeter is a suite of tools built on top of the MediaCloud online news database. A number of tools make up the suite, all driven by a query you author to specify media sources, a date range, and some keywords.

MediaMeter Dashboard

The Dashboard shows simplified widgets to give a quick overview of an issue's media coverage and let users identify interesting trends for more in-depth analysis.

MediaMeter Mentions

Mentions reveals a sampling of the actual stories that include the words specified in your query, and allows you to download links for further investigations.

MediaMeter Frequency

The Frequency tool is built around comparative word clouds, illuminating differences in the "frames" for discussing an issue.
coming in late July 2014

MediaMeter Pulse

Pulse allows you to do time-based comparisons of attention in online media, television closed captions, and any CSV data you upload.
coming in late August 2014

MediaMeter Focus

Focus uses a map to reveal which people and which words various media sources use when covering individual countries. (example)
full version coming in late September 2014

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