MediaMeter our suite of tools for quantitative text analysis of media coverage. Most of our tools are built on top of the MediaCloud online news database.

MediaMeter Dashboard

The Dashboard shows simplified widgets to give a quick overview of an issue's media coverage and let you identify interesting trends for more in-depth analysis. You can query the MediaCloud database by specifying media sources, a date range, and some keywords to look for.

MediaMeter CLIFF

CLIFF is our entity extraction and geoparsing tool tuned for news articles. CLIFF parses raw text and pulls out people, organizations and places mentioned. We use CLIFF to tag articles in the MediaCloud database with places they mention, but you can use it for whatever you want.

MediaMeter Word Counter

Word Counter is a simple site that tells you what words and phrases are used most often in some text you upload. We use it to introduce students in classes to quantitative text analysis.

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